Shiny Happy Person (or Something Like That)

so, last night i was at summerstage. concert series in central park, for you non-new yorkers. headlining was death cab for cutie. and we got to thinking about their new record about to drop and whether or not this is their "out of time" moment. you know, like REM. that moment when they catapult from indie darling to mainstream success, amidst fan grumblings of a sellout. i mean, they did sign to a major. and all that o.c. exposure. so if it is, and ben gibbard is michael stipe, then who is their kate pierson? their shiny happy guest star?

tonight, i'm spending friday night at home watching old movies. of course, it IS charade, starring cary grant and audrey hepburn. but home alone on a friday night watching old movies? how far away is that houseful of cats, i ask you?

so, i quit smoking. in the last six months, i had gone steadily from socially smoking (something you do) to smoker (something you are). during the day, in my house, etc. ugh. so, i quit. and i've actually been craving one. mostly because now is when i normally smoke the most. after work, at home, in the window. once i break the psychological trigger, i'll be home free. but watching audrey in 1960s Paris lighting up certainly isn't helping, you know?

i've got a date tomorrow. maybe that houseful of cats isn't in the cards after all.


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