Let's Rock!

ok, so today was the first day of my new job and i feel like i have a clue, which is good. spent all day in a meeting, which was helpful but boring as fuck since i couldn't participate in the particulars. take a few days before i've got network access and building access (we are talking airport style security but even slower) so i've got to shadow people to get anywhere or get anything done. par for the course, i suppose. things seems to be fairly well organized but the level of complexity makes me head hurt.

enjoying lynch's prequel masterpiece "fire walk with me". appropriate what with the dreamlike feeling i've got wearing a tie in a office all day and with the hellfire of the out of doors. tomorrow will be easier on both fronts.

much to ruminate on regarding my birthday and its aftereffects. been doing quite a lot of thinking about where my life is, and where it is going. everyone keeps telling me that 35 is a great year. and i'm of a mind to believe them. things seem to be starting out on the right foot. knock on wood. new year, new job, new house (well, old house, but new space). maybe the ol' love life will get a kick sometime too. a girl can dream.

enough blather for now.


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