Knock Me Right Off My Feet

hard-fi. rothko. wednesday night. kick ass show. right on the heels of their mercury music prize nomination. totally better than the hipster cluster fuck that swarmed mercury lounge on tuesday. ended up drinking to excess around town on tuesday night instead, hooking up with some super-cute young 'un. i know, i know.

but it is my last week of weeknight debauchery with inpunity, as i just got a job. yes, that's right. well, actually a contract gig which runs through september, with the option to extend through january. contracts in the mail this morning. tech consultancy. high-end client. tight timeframe. eager to get started.

finished the new harry potter in just two days. fantastic. probably the best in the series. total page-turner, without all the irritating teen angst of the last tome. i actually didn't want it to end. before that was reading mcewan's saturday. strange to be reading that during the london bombings. odd, surreal spin to the whole thing. affecting, lyrical, thoughtful, beautiful. not necessarily summer reading but definitely a worthwhile read. moving on to pamuk's snow, which just came out in paperback this week.

weather is absolutely fantastic, after several unbearably humid nightmares. hot and dry and sunny. getting my tan on. again cause it's the last week i get to do whatever, whenever. planning to trek to the beach at sandy hook in nj on saturday. looks like perfect beach weather. and then saturday night is my birthday shindig. then sunday is my birthday proper. i'd say a job is a pretty good birthday present, don't you?


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