Having Trouble Saying What I Mean With Dead Poets and a Drum Machine

so much is rattling around inside my head that i'm having difficulty organizing or prioritizing or finalizing anything that i want to communicate. sometimes i wish i could just pop open the skull and dump it all out. something like dumbledore's pensieve, you know? ruminations about work and friends and romance and lifestyle and culture and decor and fitness and future. that confluence of life change around both work and home (new job after not working for almost 18 months and no roommate for the first time in forever) paired with a milestone birthday (35) and a thwarted, aborted attempt at an affair of the heart has me reeling, with tons of stuff to sort out. it isn't as severe as "who am i?" but it is heading in that direction. the fact that the dog days of summer have settled into new york city with a vengeance has only accenuated the muddle in my noggin.

once i've settled into some semblance of routine, i'm certain i'll be able to tackle the grand scheme of things, do some much needed compartmentalizing and get on with the business of living. but in the meantime, i'm just taking it day by day. it is sort of amazing how quickly time goes by without you even noticing it. priority one is to make sure these days of being in the moment don't turn into weeks, and then months and then years, never seeing past the horizon or worse, the tips of my shoes. guess i gots my work cut out for me.


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